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People Want Content. Our job is to make you look your best, accentuate your strengths and diminish your challenging places. We do it using the written word, photographed image, precise editing, appropriate script, the right event and the exact content for you.

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Our Story

shepaz.com is a Public Relations and communications company operating since 2011 that specializes in Israeli, international and Jewish media, in Israel and abroad.

The company was established by Shelly Paz, formerly a journalist for Israel's leading newspapers: Maariv, Yedioth Ahronoth, the Jerusalem Post and the London-based Jewish Chronicle.

Over the years, the company’s staff has accompanied organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions, high-tech companies and commercial companies, municipalities, politicians and others in media events, formulating a media strategy, managing and creating campaigns, media crises and more.

The company’s staff consists of Hebrew and English content managers, media consultants, visual-photography experts, graphics, creative, digital and software professionals well acquainted with all the important buttons. Together, we help the company’s clients sell, create public awareness, shape public opinion and in general, succeed.

We believe that a good story is the best way to get the consumer's attention, and we go to great lengths to tell your story in the best way possible.

What we do

PR and Strategy

We identify your target audiences, develop a strategy for your organization's goals in the media, and implement it while building a mutual relationship with journalists who know we can be trusted.

More about PR

PR for High-Tech


From creating social media profiles, through managing them and creating written, graphic and visual content, to setting up campaigns and their sponsored promotion on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Taboola – we will help you achieve your goals.

Creative Content

We consolidate your organization’s content, produce it and pack it in a visual wrapping that will flatter you and your goals. This could be a campaign, conference, video, project, exhibition and more.

Sites and Crowdfunding

We set up websites, landing pages, online stores, crowdfunding campaigns – all with a deep understanding of search engines, user experience and building marketing funnels that really work!

We Do Good

We always do our best now, and give everything we have so that our clients will achieve their goals.

Hair Donation Campaign for Children with Cancer

Hair Donation Campaign for Children with Cancer

A television campaign to collect hair donations for children with cancer is an example of creative use of a variety of advertising and PR tools for a good cause! The campaign incorporated articles in the press, television and Facebook, and managed to bring hundreds of new hair donors, significant donations to the organization and long lasting cooperation with P&G.

Differential Budgeting animation

Differential Budgeting

This video was created to promote a program for differential budgeting of municipal authorities to ensure that today's youth will be tomorrow’s equal citizens in the Israel of all of us.

A 100 reasons to spend the summer in Jerusalem campaign

A 100 reasons to spend the summer in Jerusalem campaign

An extraordinarily large campaign that presents 100 videos showing 100 reasons to visit the capital. The campaign was accompanied by television, radio and billboard ads featuring some of the better reasons.

Women in Religion

Women in Religion

This groundbreaking Women in the Jewish Religion photography project is an example of smart public relations that sends a message by creating meaningful, high-quality content. The AP news agency covered the project in an article published by many media outlets around the world.

The Pais Conference for Education in Holon

The Pais Conference for Education in Holon

The Pais Conference for Education in Holon is an example of an event for which we produced the creative content, graphic concept and network campaign on Facebook and the Internet.

Crowdfunding campaign for The Lone Soldier Center

Crowdfunding campaigns

We take you on this complete journey: from the correct strategy aimed at the target audiences and creating content, through establishing the platform for raising and connecting digital assets, to the fundraising itself.

Digital campaigns

Digital campaigns

We manage profiles on social networks, set up campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Taboola, and when there is a "cause for celebration" we initiate large digital campaigns, recruit partners and sponsors, and create a complete event on social media.

Social media content

Social media content

The projects we initiate, film and distribute on social networks help our customers promote issues on their agenda, generate engagement and new leads and increase the number of followers.

Our magnificent clients

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Shelly Paz


Founder and CEO

Ayelet Danon Avraham


Media Consultant

Agustina Fernandez


Biz Dev

Noa Ben-Zvi Kuan


Media Consultant

Michal Berman


Content writer

Irit Frank


PPC and Campaign Manager

Samantha Scheiner


Graphic Designer UI/UX

Shahaf Mor Tziter


Visuals Editor

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