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Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is considered the most elegant and important way of advertising.

Instead of you testifying yourself, important, central and influential media outlets grant you a platform that allows you to demonstrate your expertise.

Public Relations is a powerful tool, and combining it with word-of-mouth marketing can make you soar to new heights.

This confirmation of your expertise, the quality of the product you offer or your capabilities by a significant central media outlet has great power, because it indicates that you undertook careful and professional screening of the journalist and editor prior to the long-awaited publication.

What’s more, PR reaches a lot more people than word-of-mouth advertising, while it is also cheaper than acquiring media on a major channel/national newspaper and much more reliable.

Who is this for?

Public Relations comes into play when an organization, company or business that is stable and sufficiently established needs to increase public awareness of a particular target audience, one that can be reached through the media.

Customers who use Public Relations want their field and expertise to be known better, they want to "talk" through media articles to policymakers or brand themselves as public opinion setters.

There are also several areas that the media treat suspiciously, and here the "hand" of a specialized and creative company is needed – one that will break through the boundaries of resistance, usually in combination with purchased media.

In the fast-paced digital age we live in, there are a lot of businesses that really need to increase sales right now and the digital arena is right for them. It would suit them more to invest in promoting their online presence and sales. more on digital

What we do

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Creating a strategic media plan

In-depth learning of the company’s clients and their target audiences ensures that the results you receive will be more accurate. Our expertise in complex clients from fields such as high-tech, education and academia, and economic, social and political organizations allows us to create a clear media message and work plan for you.

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Public Relations in the Israeli, Jewish and international media

Each of the company’s clients needs real results in various media outlets. Our company has a deep and extensive acquaintance with journalists and editors in the mainstream media in Israel and around the world, as well as in the Jewish press operating in North America and Europe.

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Nurturing and strengthening your brand and organization

Public Relations is a product that allows relevant journalists and editors to get to know you in depth, to mitigate any objections they may have had, learn better about the people and values behind the organization and cover you from a much more positive perspective. This process ultimately leads to a positive public image of you.

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Spark up your story

quite a few organizations, even the largest of them, often come to the PR process not even knowing how to present themselves to the media in an interesting way. In Public Relations, the first impression can have a decisive impact on your relationship with the media. Working with us helps spark up your media story and hone your pitch to a level that brings real, high-quality results in the media.

Why us?

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With two decades in the media – on either side of the barricade – we bring to the table an entire set of contacts in the Israeli, international and Jewish media.

Understanding and thorough familiarity with the work of media systems, creative thinking and journalistic writing.

Many years of experience in accompanying organizations, educational institutions, municipalities, politicians, non-profit associations, high-tech and business companies in Public Relations management, formulating media strategy, campaign management, communication crises and more.

And most of all, we are determined and don’t give up until the awaited results!


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